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As a manufacturer of knife gate valves utilized by the power generation, mining, steel manufacturing and wastewater utility industries, NewCon remains fully operational and ready to serve our customers during these uncertain times.

The Knife Gate Slurry Valve by NewCon Co

Video of Knife Gate Valve by NewCon Co Open and Close

Valve in Action

Watch the video, as our knife gate slurry valve cycles open and closed, achieving 100% isolation without leakage to atmosphere.

Knife Gate Valve by Newcon Valve Company - Hibbing MN USA

Assembly of Valve

Watch the assembly
of the NewCon knife gate valve.


The NewCon knife gate valve offers 100% isolation without the inconvenience of slurry being expelled to atmosphere. With NewCon, nearby equipment is safe from the mess caused by other KGV’s, and a Newcon valve will keep slurry inside the pipe where it belongs for a very long time.

For nearly 30 years, NewCon Company has been manufacturing abrasive resistant, knife gate slurry valves. The NewCon valve has evolved, and proven itself, over and over, to be dependable, price competitive, and to be the permanent, long-term solution for abrasive slurries.

Contact us today for information about NewCon Company’s knife gate slurry valve.

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The Knife Gate Slurry Valve
by NewCon Co
is entirely manufactured
in the USA.

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