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  • The Final Knife Gate Valve Solution Maximum Durability for SEVERE SERVICE, Performance and Value

    For over 40 years, NewCon Company has been manufacturing abrasive resistant, knife gate slurry valves. The NewCon valve has evolved, and proven itself, over and over, to be dependable, price competitive, and to be the permanent, long-term solution for abrasive slurries.

Made in the USA

NewCon is a premier world-wide industrial manufacturer with headquarters in the USA. While utilizing the expertise of a quality, small town workforce, NewCon has proven to be the world’s most durable and abrasion-resistant knife gate slurry valve- built for decades in Minnesota with 100% USA steel and iron. It’s NewCon’s lifelong commitment to the people and industries we serve.

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Self-flushing design

As our gate cycles, and slurry velocity increases, the tapered edge of the NewCon gate redirects the slurry flow into the molded urethane gate seat area, creating turbulence and increased velocity. This allows for the valve to flush itself, ensuring a tight seal. The rigid gate, and the abrasion resistant properties of urethane, allow for our valve to seal time after time, again and again, regardless of how often the valve is actuated. Cycle a NewCon valve daily or just annually, and you will get the same result—zero down-stream leakage—this is accomplished only through the utilization of NewCon’s thick, robust stainless steel gate, and our extremely abrasive resistant urethane liner.

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Zero Atmospheric Leakage – 100% downstream Isolation

As a purge-less KGV, we guarantee zero leakage to atmosphere, as well as 100% downstream isolation, with the industry’s longest wear life.

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Long Term Durability for Severe Service

NewCon’s field-replaceable one-piece urethane liner far outlasts the wear life of the competition’s resilient seats and sleeves. It is durable, abrasion resistant, and economical to replace.  NewCon’s extremely thick, robust gates are guaranteed not to bend, which contributes to maximum wear life between rebuilds. System downtime due to premature knife gate failure is reduced to the absolute minimum. NewCon offers American made severe service knife gate valves.

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