Zero leakage to atmosphere creates a clean and safe work environment

Since 1979, NewCon has been manufacturing high quality, dependable knife gate slurry valves. Located in the heart of Iron Mining country, Hibbing, MN, we are surrounded by the industry that has helped build our country. We are proud to have evolved and continually proven ourselves to be a dependable and safe long-term solution for severe slurries.


Safety is a concern in all aspects of industry. Providing a clean, safe work environment for employees is not always an easy task. The NewCon knife gate valve, due the durability of its wear parts and self-flushing design, guarantees zero leakage to atmosphere. Splash guards and/or flush water systems are not required.

With zero leakage to atmosphere, the surrounding infrastructure remains clean of contamination and reducing the potential harm to area machinery. Regardless of how often the valve is actuated, our thick rigid gate and the abrasion resistant properties of urethane, allow for our valve to isolate severe slurries time after time. Cycle a NewCon valve daily or annually, and you will get the same result – zero down-stream leakage.

Providing a clean, safe work environment will result in less overall cost and productive employees. Contact us today to hear how the NewCon final knife gate solution can create a safer work environment for your facility.



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