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Knife Gate Slurry Valve Features

We manufacture and stock 2" through 40" diameter knife gate slurry valves at our factory in Northern Minnesota. They are used primarily for on-off service, and provide excellent wear life with 100% positive shutoff of abrasive slurries. A growing list of customers are choosing NewCon to replace their existing knife gate valves, as well as pinch, butterfly and ball valves when used for on-off service.

Valve Features

  • Self Flushing Design. Zero Downstream Leakage.
    As our gate closes, and slurry velocity increases, the tapered edge of our gate re-directs the slurry flow into the molded urethane gate seat area. This turbulence allows for the valve to flush itself, ensuring a tight seal. The rigid gate, and the abrasion resistant properties of urethane, allow for our valve to seal time after time, again and again, regardless of how often the valve is actuated. Cycle a NewCon valve daily or just annually, and you will get the same result – zero down-stream leakage…
  • Zero Atmospheric Leakage. Clean and Safe Work Environment.
    During cycling, NewCon valves do not leak slurry to atmosphere. Catch basins and/or flush water systems are not required, as they are with our competitor’s valves. NewCon valves ensure that a clean and safe work environment is maintained.
  • Replaceable, One-Piece Urethane Liner.
    Our high quality urethane liner offers extended wear life even under the most abrasive conditions. Also, D-RINGS are molded into the liner, which wipe the gate clean during actuation, preventing solids from finding their way up into the chest area of the valve.
  • Molded Elastomer Gate Seal.
    Our one-piece molded elastomer gate seal provides for zero leakage around the top of the knife gate.
  • Spare Parts.
    Typically, when a NewCon valve is rebuilt, it is done so with just the replacement of the liner and the gate seal, and for only 10-15% of the cost of a new valve. Spare liners and gate seals can be kept on site, or at NewCon where we are ready with over $1 million in spare parts for immediate shipment.

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